Trenutno pregledavate Convention on the mutual recognition of coaches’ education ‘RINCK’ Convention

Convention on the mutual recognition of coaches’ education ‘RINCK’ Convention

Dear Handball Friends,
As usual, by the end of every year, we are coming back to you to summarize all the necessary information concerning National activities. The time is running fast and we are going to touch very soon the end of the 2011 year.
After a fruitful period in 2011 we are looking forward to facing new tasks and activities in 2012. Following several contacts and clarifying discussions upon the items concerned, ENG, IRL and LAT signed on November 17, 2011 the EHF ‘Rinck’ Convention in the framework of the EHF Conference for Presidents – Vienna.

The EHF RC is now proudly counting of 24 signatory nations: AUT, BUL, CRO, CZE, DEN, ENG, ESP, FRA, GER, HUN, IRL, ITA, LAT, LUX, MNE, NOR, POL, POR, RUS, SLO, SVK, SUI, SWE, TUR.
Further steps towards the increase of cultural co-operation in Europe and to facilitate the exchange of experiences within the handball world are supposed to be made. In 2012, an ‘EHF Open Master Coach and Licensing Course’ is foreseen to be held in three modules with a summarising thesis to be written between the 2nd and the 3rd part on a subject chosen by the participants themselves:

• I./16 – 22.01.12, SRB – Belgrade; II./09 – 14.07.12, AUT – Vienna; III./December 2012, NED
Please reserve the period concerned in your 2012 calendar. Following the EHF master plan the next edition of the ‘EHF Open Master Coach and Licensing Course’ shall take place in the year 2014, under the same structure.
We would kindly remind you of the duties of the signatories to keep the EHF informed about the current status of the activities concerned, expecting your report by January 31st, 2012, at the latest. In the enclosure please find all essential documents with the necessary details concerning the ordinary tasks and further activities:

• Signatory nations’ activity report ( submission deadline; 31.01.2012)
o Report of the signatory states on their activities.

• National Contact Person for ‘R’ Convention (submission deadline: 31.01.12)
The EHF Office will be at your disposal for any questions or information.Thank you for taking-note and your co-operation in advance!
Yours sincerely


Convention on the mutual recognition of coaches’ education ‘RINCK’ Convention
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